Music fans!

On Bank Holiday Sunday, May 1, if you were thinking about staying in your room with the door shut, light off and not coming anywhere near Epsom - think again.

Hot on the heels of a reasonably well attended for a Sunday night open mic, the mighty Broken Switch are taking part in an all-afternoon music fest at the Kings Arms pub, East Street.

Six bands will be playing outside in the garden from midday till 6pm. Last year our drummer got sun stroke.

Hopefully, the weather will be as good this time around and Andy wears his new hat.  

Broken Switch will be belting out some amazing new songs along with our much-loved favourites. Prepare to Bop. Blitzkrieg Bop!

Here's a link to the event.

Here’s the line-up

1. Expetones: rock and pop from young Epsom lads - 12.00pm

2. Mod Life Crisis: mid-lifers belting out Jam and bass - 12.45 pm  

3. Gravity: classy pop act with hits from the 80s to now - 13.45 pm

4. Papa Ratzy: funtime psycho killers with a reggae twist -  14.45 pm

5. Broken Switch: world’s best band after the Beatles - 15.45 pm

6. Feature Creep: loud alt rock and indie choons - 16.45 pm

See you there.