Broken Switch were formed in and are based in Epsom, Surrey. Obviously, Epsom is known throughout the world as the Home of Broken Switch.

Some people also know it as the Home of The Derby, a short horse race that takes place annually, and as the birthplace of the miracle cure for everything - magnesium sulphate - also known as Epsom Salts.

We don’t just play in Epsom but when we do, we are often asked by people from The London and further afield: Where is Epsom?

So here we go, 2, 3, 4…

Epsom is not:

•    Down the road from Virginia Water – we hear this a lot for some reason
•    In the middle of nowhere
•    In France
•    Anywhere abroad for that matter
•    Too far away to come for a gig
•    A dump - apart from the bit that Tesco left derelict for a nearly decade
•    Posh – it has Nando’s AND a TK Maxx! Though there are some big houses owned by the suspiciously wealthy
•    A type of printer
•    Just horses and salt - that's Argentina, we’re told

It is also not:

•    In London travel Zone 6 – (Epsom Downs station is but Epsom town isn’t). This is madness and you will be fined by Southern Rail's Stasi if you roll up without the valid paperwork. You have been warned.

Epsom is:

•    Not far from M25 junctions for Leatherhead and Reigate, 8 and 9 – and near Sutton
•    Probably where the Northern Line would end up if the Tube continued south of Morden for four or five stops.
•    On two railway lines from London Waterloo and Victoria
•    Home to the University for the Creative Arts
•    Home of the Laine Theatre Arts, where Victoria Adams trained before she became a Spice Girl and later a Beckham
•    Where James Page lived and formed his first band aged 14 before changing his name to Jimmy and making Led Zeppelin
•    Home to some great pubs – some even with live music
•    Home to a Nando’s AND a TK Maxx!
•    A green and pleasant town ideal for bringing up a family and going to the pub to watch bands such as Broken Switch
•    On Google Maps

Hope this helps.