We've played in some odd locations. That much is clear.

We're a jobbing band. Happy to be in the business of playing music to an appreciative audience. In fact, history tells us we're happy to play to an indifferent or absent audience. We make our own fun as our Nan's no doubt would have told us.

So it was that we found time to reflect on the history of The Switch. In particular those places we called 'stages'.

So, to date, we can include:

School fetes
Farmers Markets
School Halls
Scout Huts

as well as pubs and clubs of course.

All of the above adding to the rich tapestry that is life in a band. What can we tell you about each? Well, that's a longer story, but the bullet points are as follows:

School fetes - ensure your song lyrics are 'sanitised' for younger ears.
Vineyards - ensure you're not expected to play a 1940's songbook before preparing a 1990's one
Farmers Markets - ensure your PA is louder than the local butcher and his meat raffle
School Halls - ensure there are stairs at both ends of the stage to allow a conga line on and off the stage
Scout Huts